Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. Email us at with any additional questions.


What is the turnaround time for my photos?

The short answer is approximately 2 weeks! (For wedding photos delivery time see question below!)

Following the session you'll receive image proofs that will showcase the very best portraits from the session. You'll have one week to review the photos and choose the images that you love most.

Once you have chosen your images, I will fully edit all the image to correct color, fix blemishes, edit distracting elements, and crop to perfection. The editing/retouching process takes approximately one week.

How many pictures will I receive?

It all depends on the type of session and/or hours of coverage (if wedding or event), we always include an approximate number in our packages for your convenience!

When will I receive my wedding photos?

Will provide a sneak peak of your photos one week following the BEST day ever! I'm sure you are eager to relive every moment of your day over and over again.

Within 6 weeks of your wedding day your full gallery of edited images will be ready for viewing and sharing!

Do you deliver RAW photos?

The short answer is no.

The reason being is that you're not just hiring someone who will press the shutter button and take photos of you. You're hiring my creativity and my knowledge. The photos I deliver will help you relive the magic of your special day. (The RAW photos...not so much...)

Do I have to order prints through you?

Prints and other products can be purchased directly through your private online gallery once the photos are delivered to you!

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Absolutely! Non of our packages or rates are final, they can be modified at anytime by our client by sending a written request to us (a simple email or text message would work!)

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Traveling and photography is the perfect pair for us! We love letting our beautiful couples take us to our next adventure. A travel fee is required, but don't worry, we always try to find the best rates and deals to minimize that fee as much as possible!